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 Remote consultations 

Dr Stephane Bleuer is happy to provide remote consultation and share his expertise with dog's and cat's owners from abroad. 

Before any scheduling your pet has to undergo a complete clinical checking by your attended veterinarian that will fill the following file: 

What is the process? 

A first consultation of 60 to 90 minutes takes place through video. 

At the end the pet's owners receives a complete explanation of the behavioral disorder, a precise diagnosis and prognosis and a therapy plan that may includes medication according to the case. 

If medication is necessary your attended veterinary will provide the medication or will write the prescription according to my expertise. 

Follow up consultation may be needed. Most of the cases need at least one follow up to assess the improvement and decide of following treatment. 

What happens after the consultation? 

You and your attended veterinarian receive a complete report of the consultation with the diagnosis, the medication plan and the behavioral modifications plan. 

During all the process you can write to me through email or Whatsapp if you have any question or concern. It's free of charge and you'll receive an answer within 24 hours in working days/ 

How much does it cost ? 

The primary consultation cost 170 USD (140 Euros)

The follow up consultation cost 90 USD  (76 Euros) 

Those price may change according to the bank fees.

How can you schedule an appointment? 

Follow this link, you'll be redirected to my time table and choose: 

Video first consultation

If it is a follow up choose: 

Video follow-up consultation. 

Then choose the day and the time. 

BEWARE ! Time in the time table is CEST +1 ! 

Example if you booked for 14:00 the consultation will begin at 13:00 CEST time  

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