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Dr Stephane Bleuer

 Veterinary Psychiatry | | Tel Aviv Yafo & Haifa

 Behavior and Psychiatry Clinic of Dr Stephane Bleuer, DVM Behaviourist Expert

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About Dr Bleuer

Dr. Stephane Bleuer is a European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioral Medicine in Israel and abroad, Dip.ECAWBM-BM.

He provides consultations in animal psychiatry with more than 20 years of experience in the field. He is a research fellow at the University of Haifa, has published several academic articles and book in the field of veterinary psychiatry of dogs and cats

Dr. Bleure and his beloved dog, Belle

How can we help?

Does your dog or cat show annoying, unwanted or dangerous behaviors that spoil your daily life and affect the quality of your relationship?


Behavioral disorders, associated with normal but undesirable behaviors or as manifestations of illness, are the first cause of abandonment or euthanasia in the world. But, most can be solved or improved. So don't lose hope, there are solutions to restore a harmonious relationship with your pet.



Cats Behavioral Consultation
Dog Behavioral Consultation

Short articles about the most common behavioral disorders in dogs and cats

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