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Additional details and appointment

All consultations and follow-ups are performed by Dr. Stephen Bleuer, veterinarian specialist in behavioral medicine and psychiatry.


The treatment process of the dog / cat suffering from behavioral disorders consists of two stages:


Step A: First consultation


This is the main consultation that allows for an in-depth examination of 60 to 90 minutes in order to reach  an accurate diagnosis and adjust the most appropriate treatment.


How is a behavioral disease diagnosed?

(So ​​no, the dog does not lie down on the couch and tells what is bothering him 😁).


The expert veterinarian reaches the diagnosis of the behavioral disease through observation of the animal in order to assess:

1- The animal's reactions to the environment in the clinic and on the street if possible.

2- The social abilities of the animal - observation of the interaction of the animal with its owner, with strangers or with other animals if possible.

3- The cognitive abilities and learning abilities of the animal.

4- In addition, the expert veterinarian will ask the owner a number of questions to sharpen his observation and investigate behaviors that may not be seen during counseling (e.g. regarding sleeping or eating).


The diagnosis includes:

1- Emotional aspect. The animal is unable to regulate its emotions (e.g., it is too scared, too impulsive, or too aggressive).

2- Cognitive aspect. The animal has difficulty understanding the world around him (it is difficult for him to learn, he has difficulty perceiving reality or he distorts it, or with age he becomes senile).

3- Aspect of mood. The animal has an unstable mood with highs that can lead to aggression or depression.

Emotional and cognitive disorders and changing or extreme moods result from a disruption in brain function. Brain dysfunction prevents behavioral therapy from being effective and causes the animal to suffer. These disorders can be regulated by medication, which simultaneously quickly alleviates the suffering and also allows for more effective behavioral treatment.


Behavioral therapy involves a number of communication and learning techniques that allow the animal to better adapt to external and internal changes. The veterinarian specialist adapts a specific behavioral treatment to each case.


The consultation ends with an agreement between the veterinarian specialist and the animal owner regarding the goals to be achieved.

The owner leaves the consultation with the prescription, and receives by email the summary of the consultation and the detailed plan of behavioral treatment. The attending veterinarian receives a copy of these documents.


Price for the first consultation (60-90 minutes in a clinic or zoom): NIS 950

We accept credit up to 3 payments

Step B: Follow-up consultation (performed between 4 and 8 weeks after the first consultation)


The goals of follow-up counseling are:

1- Evaluate the progress of the animal in the eyes of the owner.

2- Reassess the state of the animal in the emotional and cognitive aspects and its mood.

3- Evaluate the effect of the drug treatment and adjust it according to the needs.

4- Evaluate the performance capability and outcomes of the behavioral therapy, and make changes as needed.

The consultation ends with a decision regarding adjustments of the drug and behavioral therapy.

Depending on the case, additional follow-up consultations will be held at longer intervals.

If the condition of the animal is satisfactory, a gradual withdrawal from the drug can be decided during the follow-up consultation. In more complex cases that require long-term medical help, annual follow-up is necessary.


The cost of follow-up counseling (clinic or zoom) is : NIS 500.

We accept credit up to 2 payments



Clinic address: Ibn Gvirol 77, Tel Aviv

Parking: City Garden Mall parking lot

You can't drive to the clinic? You live far from the center? Your animal is very difficult to move outside the house ? Consultation through Zoom can be the solution.

The terms are the same as the consultations in the clinic. In ordre to be able to work through zoom please download the app on the phone:



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