Clinic address: Ibn Gvirol 77, Tel Aviv

Parking: City Garden Mall parking lot

Additional details and appointment

All of the treatment will be performed by Dr. Stephane Bleuer, veterinarian expert in behavioral medicine.


The treatment is given in Hebrew, English or French.


Treatment Objectives:

- Give a diagnosis, explanations and prognosis (what improvement can be expected and within how much time)

- Recommendation of  a program of behavioral therapy suitable for the animal and the owner

- Recommendation of  a medication when needed for therapy support

- Accompany the animal to the desired condition


Processes and costs:

The duration of each consultation is from one to one and a half hour, as needed.


First consultation of one to one and a half hours: 550 NIS

Half-hour to one-hour follow-up consultation: 290 NIS

Each case needs at least one follow-up to lead the animal to a significant improvement



Residents of Haifa and the North?

Dr. Stephane Bleuer comes to Haifa once a month!

Sun: 13:30-19:30
Mon: 13:30-20:00
Tue: 13:30-19:30
Wed: 13:30-20:00
Thu: 13:30-19:30
Fri: 08:30-13:00

You can't drive to the clinic? You live far from the center? Your animal is very difficult to move outside the house ? Consultation through Zoom can be the solution.

The terms are the same as the consultations in the clinic. In ordre to be able to work through zoom please download the app on the phone: